about julie napear


Julie (photo courtesy of Rebekah Hoyt)

I remember receiving a little pink camera for my birthday when I was young. I artfully lined up my stuffed animals and toys, and shot a roll of film in the span of ten minutes. A few days later, when my mom paid for the processing, we had a chat about the cost of pictures and how I needed to be more selective in what I took pictures of.

Perhaps this is why I like digital cameras so much. As your wedding or portrait photographer, I shoot an average of over 100 photos per hour, all of which you will receive on flash drive and have the rights to print and post. While I miss the hours I spent in the darkroom during my high school years, digital has allowed me the freedom to take literally thousands of photographs, and have them available for your viewing online within a short time.

I strive to be very up front about my business practices, so if you’re interested in learning more about my pricing or viewing a sample contract, shoot me an email! If you’re looking for the cheapest photographer around, I’m not the one for you. However, I believe I can offer the best value – my prices are reasonable, and my pictures are on par with photographers whose prices start far above my own (the advantage of living in a small city). As of the end of 2014, I’ve shot over 300 weddings, a large number of which are in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. However, I’m also happy to travel for destination weddings nation and even worldwide: I’ve photographed weddings throughout Virginia and the DC Metro area, as well as in several states and even in Mexico and Ireland!