Ashley & Caitlyn Lange Farm same sex Florida wedding

My little sister got married last month :D

Ashley and her new wife, Caitlyn, got married at the Lange Farm, a bit east of Tampa, FL

It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m biased… but they prioritized their photography and chose the time for their ceremony based on when the light would be prettiest, which made it that much better :-)

My daughter is the cutie with the basket (but she’s being upstaged here by the cutie with the rings)

Caitlyn’s father walked her down the aisle first, and she waited for Ashley, who was escorted by her (my) dad.


Piece of advice: make sure everyone knows how to use a lighter if you have a unity candle! We had matches growing up so my mom was a bit stumped! I don’t mind… allows for more time for us photographers!


Here’s me getting all choked up! 


My absolute favorite image of the bunch. 




Groomsman approval!

So obviously I couldn’t be in and shoot my own sister’s wedding (not that I didn’t have my camera for some of the time) — it was photographed by my awesome associate Chrystal (you can check out her portfolio here). But I was able to lend some help during the posed picture session!

No “cold feet” here!


Me getting Chrystal, and the videographer, in action


The Antique Barn is where they held the reception

The parents getting teary-eyed


Though Ashley and Caitlyn LOVED their day, I don’t think anyone partied more than my daughter, pictured here with her “Elsa braid” and her Hello Kitty band-aid


Love you ladies. Caitlyn, Welcome to the family!

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